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Florida native Kerrie Roberts has been listed alongside power vocalists including Kelly Clarkson and Natalie Grant: unassuming girl, huge voice. Memorable. Dynamic yet intimate. Uniquely emotive and soulful. With the release of her sophomore album, Time For The Show, Kerrie addresses themes of empowerment, strength, encouragement and joy delivered on waves of vibrant and contagious music ranging from high-energy pop to signature ballads beautifully expressed through tender, undeniable piano/vocal performances.


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Time for the Show

Release Date: Apr. 2, 2013
Songs: Time For The Show, Sing, What Are You Afraid Of, Finally Home, Middle Of It All, Masterpiece, Not Real Yet, In Your Sight, Wake Up, Like Jesus Loves


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Kerrie Roberts

Release Date: Aug. 24, 2010
Songs: No Matter What, Take You Away, Beautiful To Me, This Love Doesn’t Run, Keep Breathing, Unstoppable, Outcast, Maybe I’m Afraid, Love Comes Down, Savior To Me (Sing Glory)

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