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Fireflight is the five-member GRAMMY Award nominated, female-fronted rock band comprised of Dawn Michele (lead vocals, primary songwriter), Justin Cox (guitar, keys, vocals, songwriter), Wendy Drennen (bass, vocals), Glenn Drennen (guitar), and Adam McMillion (drums). Fireflight released its national debut The Healing of Harms in 2006, followed by breakout sophomore album Unbreakable (2008), For Those Who Wait (2010), and Now (2012). The band has received six career Dove Award nominations, including “Artist of the Year” in 2009, and lead singer Dawn Michele’s 2010 “Female Vocalist of the Year” nomination. Additionally, the group won Taco Bell’s inaugural fan-voted “Best of the Beat” contest in 2009, and performed at ESPN’s “Winter X Games 13.” Fireflight’s music has been featured on E! Entertainment’s “Style Network” and in music video reels at both American Eagle and Journey’s stores across the country. The band tours relentlessly, averaging 140 live shows per year.


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Release Date: Mar. 6, 2012
Songs: Stay Close, Ignite, Escape, He Weeps, Keeping Me Alive, Stronger Than You Think, Prove Me Wrong, Dying For Your Love, Rise Above, Now


Additional Discography:

For Those Who Wait

Release Date: Feb. 9, 2010
Songs: For Those Who Wait, Desperate, Fire In My Eyes, Core of My Addiction, What I’ve Overcome, Name, New Perspective, You Give Me That Feeling, All I Need To Be, Recovery Begins


Release Date: Mar. 4, 2008
Songs: Unbreakable, You Gave Me A Promise, Brand New Day, The Hunger, Stand Up, Forever, Go Ahead, The Love We Had Before, So Help Me God, Wrapped In Your Arms

Healing of Harms

Release Date: Jul. 5, 2006
Songs: Serenity, Waiting, You Decide, It’s You, Star Of The Show, Liar, Myself, Something New, Attitude, More Than A Love Song, Action

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