A listing of Jason’s favorite charities and why it is important to give…

Ever wonder why super-rich guys like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, after becoming gigantic billionaires, set up huge philanthropic organizations to give away much of their wealth? (I’m sure most people wish they could know what that feels like). Counter-intuitive as it may seem, I have found that human beings often experience more happiness by giving to others than by being self centered and self absorbed.

I support the following charities and ministry organizations. I encourage you to check them out. Or find people and organizations you relate to who are doing good in the world, and support them. I promise, nothing is more invigorating to the soul than getting “out of yourself” and helping others, especially those in desperate need. It doesn’t have to be much. In fact, each of these organizations will gladly accept anything you can offer:

Search your heart today and consider giving. It will refresh your soul.

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