Why Protecting Copyrights Creates Jobs

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There is a battle going on around intellectual property. And it’s no secret that songwriters and artists rights have been under attack. But not many have articulated a sound argument for why protecting the rights of copyright holders is important, not only to the individual creators themselves, but to the nation as a whole.

On the blog posting, “Copyright: The Inverted Human Pyramid,” finally an argument is made demonstrating the reverberating effect on job creation that copyright law has. The example used is that of a song and a songwriter, but the point made applies to other forms of copyrighted material as well.

You can check out the article here: Copyright: The Inverted Human Pyramid

Here’s another example from the LA Times that uses AMC’s hit television show Breaking Bad to make the same point: The ‘Breaking Bad’ Example For Why Illegal Downloading Must Stop

The bottom line, it is important for artists and songwriters that they continue to receive protection on their rights around the creation of songs, music, etc. This is a right worth protecting, not just for the content creators themselves, but for the jobs they create.

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